Skype Lesson Guide

Skype lesson (2020/04/08 – 2020/04/30)



Mr Shigeki

Ms Natsuki

Mr Shingo

Ms Yumi Goto

Ms Haruka

Ms Yuka

Ms Yukke

Ms Naoko

Ms Megumi

Ms Kumiko

Ms Mariko

Mr Kouki

Mr Shigeru

Ms Rie (check dates)

Mr Hiro

and some more

Please check Tutorpanel calender & Email from Mimi


1.Find your student 

2.send lesson topics before the lesson
事前にトピックとなりそうなものを送っておく(JPEG or TEXT)

3.start calling them
(時間になったらコールをする)(※Call mimi if they didn’t pick up)


4.use whiteboard or white paper rather than using comment box (to use lesson time efficiently)
タイピングが遅い人は、△タイピング ◎白紙に書く(時間ロスを減らすため)
otherwise, copy and paste some important phrases which you prepare beforehand


5.lesson summary (1-2 mins) まとめ1~2分


6.check next lesson date & homework

7.hang up the line スカイプを切る

8.send pictures of white board 板書の写真を送る

9.send thank you comment 簡単なコメントを送って締める


【Lesson material】

(Copy and paste コピペ用)
Coronavirus :コロナウィルス
◆quarantine :隔離(する)・検疫(する)
◆death toll:死者数
◆hazmat suit:防護服

例)More than 100 people have been infected in this area. (この地域から100人以上が感染しています。)
例)It has been reported that incubation period could be up to 4 weeks. (潜伏期間は長い場合は4週間ということもあり得ると報告されています。)
例)He has been in quarantine for the next 7 days as a close contact. (彼は、濃厚接触者として今後7日間隔離されています。)

例)No need of panic buying. (買占めする必要なんてない。)

◆免疫力:immune system
◆手洗い:washing hands
◆うがい:gargling throat

例)Please wash your hands and gargle your throat.  Vitamin C helps you strengthen your immune system.

What seems to be the problem?
What are your symptoms? どうされましたか?
I have a fever.
I have a sore throat.
I have a cough.
I cannot stop coughing.
I get short of breath.
I have a respiratory ailment.  (呼吸器の病気 )
Do you have disinfectants? (消毒薬を持っていますか?)
Can I use the disinfectant ?
Don’t touch your eyes.
I wear a surgical mask to prevent droplet infection.


<Speaking topics>

1 Tell us a rags-to-riches story about someone
from your country. Does this person’s story inspire you?

2 Have you ever felt like you were on top of the world?

3 Is there anything difficult you’re doing now
that will be worth it in the long run?

4 Do you ever feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin?

5 Have you had to bite the bullet recently?
What did you have to do?

6 Tell us about a time a friend helped you out of a tight spot.
Did you return the favor?

7 Tell us about something you worked on that was a race
against the clock. Were you able to finish in time?


PDF (for higher level students)

Online Lesson (Aloha ABC) Daily Topic

Online Lesson (Aloha ABC) COVID-19 – Biz